2023 Eurovision Song Contest

On May 14 2023, Swedish singer Loreen made the history books by becoming the first woman ever to win Eurovision Song Contest twice. This means that Sweden is now tied with Ireland, and singer Johnny Logan, for the most wins. Liverpool Arena, UK May 13 2023, the final round of the 2023 Eurovision Song ContestContinue reading “2023 Eurovision Song Contest”

Emil i Lönneberga

This year marks the 60th anniversary for Emil i Lönneberga and the first book ever to be published about the blond Swede. About Emil Emil i Lönneberga is a story about a 5-year old boy living in the countryside farm Katthult, a small village situated in “Lönneberga socken” in the county of Småland. Emil isContinue reading “Emil i Lönneberga”

Two world champions

The 2023 Biathlon World Championships was crowned with two Swedish gold medals. Both Hanna Öberg and Sebastian Samuelsson had to fight hård för it but managed to keep it together until the very end. The Biathlon World Championship 2023 was held in Oberhof, Germany. On the final day both Swedish teams managed to secure three medals.Continue reading “Two world champions”


Fettisdagen, also known as Fat Tuesday, originates from the Christian “feast of Lent”. The purpose is to eat plenty of fat food before Easter. In Sweden Fettisdagen is celebrated some time between February 3:d and March 9:th, supposedly 40 days before Easter. Since Easter is eans it is celebrated some time between February 3:d –Continue reading “Fettisdagen”

The Prime Minister of Sweden

As a result of the latest election, which was held on September 10 2022, Sweden has a new Prime Minister. Or Head of State, if you wish. Personal life His name is Ulf Kristersson; a middle aged man (born 1963) who was born in Lund and later moved to Torshälla situated in the brautiful countyContinue reading “The Prime Minister of Sweden”

Buying alcohol in Sweden

Did you know that you can’t buy beverages with more than 3.5 % alcohol in a regular supermarket anywhere in Sweden? In fact you won’t be able to buy alcohol in any other store either, except for Systembolaget (or ”Systemet”, as Swedes often call it). Systembolaget Let me tell you a little bit about SystembolagetContinue reading “Buying alcohol in Sweden”