Emil i Lönneberga

This year marks the 60th anniversary for Emil i Lönneberga and the first book ever to be published about the blond Swede.

Emil Svensson

Illustration: Björn Berg

About Emil

Emil i Lönneberga is a story about a 5-year old boy living in the countryside farm Katthult, a small village situated in “Lönneberga socken” in the county of Småland.

Emil is a nice and thoughtful young boy who spends his days trying to please everyone around him. Especially his grumpy father, Anton, who believes that children (mostly Emil) are better off elsewhere as long as they’re out of his way. And boy does he get upset when things don’t always end up the way they should. .

Emil with best friend Alfred

Illustration: Björn Berg

Whenever things go bad Emil is sent to “snickarboa” to think about his “mischieves”. While locked away Emil starts carving little wooden figures, which, considering the amount of time he spends locked up, turns into a quite impressive collection over time.

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Astrid 1907 ~ 2002

In November 1907 farmer Samuel August Ericsson and his wife Hanna were blessed with their second child, daughter Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren.

Astrid often described her childhood using terms like blissful, secure and free-spirited. As one would imagine it to be, growing up surrounded by appletrees and farm animals in the Swedish countryside.

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