Lösgodis is various kinds of candy (see photos) that are sold separatly. People pick their favourites and put them in a “candy bag” or a “candy cup” before they weigh it and pay for it.

In Sweden people eat quite a lot of sweets and candy. Or as we call it: lösgodis (or smågodis). 2009 the Swedes ate more candy than any other population in the world* – around 18 kilos per person (about 40 pounds).

Swedish lösgodis is now spread globally, mainly through the Swedish furniture store Ikea, but also through export. 2014 Ikea sold lösgodis in 20 or more European stores, and the plan was to offer it in North America and Asia too.

*The large consumtion of candy is one of the reasons that obecity is an increasing problem in Sweden, especially among younger people.


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