Magdalena Andersson: First female Prime Minister of Sweden

When replacing the former Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven in November 2021, Magdalena Andersson became the first female Prime Minister of Sweden. She thereby became historical.

Personal information

Andersson was born in 1967 in the city of Uppsala. Little did she know by then that she would become historical – as Sweden’s first female Prime Minister.

During the years, starting 1987, Andersson has been a regular student at several higher education institutions. In 1995 Magdalena attended Harvard University and a year earlier, the Institute for advanced studies in Vienna. From earlier studies Magdalena also has a Bachelor’s degree in economics.

Political career

Foto: Anders Löwdin

Being a part of the Social Democrat’s party Magdalena Andersson has been politically active since 1996. Being elected State Minister wasn’t the first time Magdalena was elected to a high post.

Between 2014 and 2021 Magdalena held the post as Minister of Finance in the Swedish Parliament. She also worked as economic spokesperson for the Social Democrat’s party, as well as an advisor for the party chairman.

In 2020 she was appointed head chairman of the highest advisory body of the International Monetary Fund (IMC). She was also then the first woman ever to achieve this post.

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