The Prime Minister of Sweden

As a result of the latest election, which was held on September 10 2022, Sweden has a new Prime Minister. Or Head of State, if you wish.

Ulf Kristersson (M). Photo: Axel Adolfsson

Personal life

His name is Ulf Kristersson; a middle aged man (born 1963) who was born in Lund and later moved to Torshälla situated in the brautiful county of Södermanland.

As of many years Ulf lives in Strängnäs where he and wife Birgitta have raised three daughters together.

Photo: Axel Adolfsson

In his spare time Ulf prefers to spend time in the family summer house by the lake Mälaren. This is where he gets to take long walks with the dog, Winston, go for a run or hunt.

Political life

Kristersson is driven by the idea of making Sweden a country of equality, forward thinking and trust. His vision is to create a country where people focuses on journey rather than the goal.

Our current Prime Minister started his political carreer when he was in his teens, wich is also when he started a MSU-branch at S:t Eskils Gymnasium. After serving his country thru mandatory military service Ulf moved to Uppsala to study economics. During these years he also served as President for Moderata Ungdomsförbundet, also known as MUF.

Since then Ulf has supported Moderaterna working for the Swedish parliament with communications and finance in both Strängnäs and Stockholm.

After the election in 2014 Ulf returned to work for the Swedish parliament where he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Finance.


Since October 2022 Ulf Kristersson is the Prime Minister of Sweden – a post he has secured for at least four years (when the next election will be held).

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