State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell

During the Corona pandemic the Swedish physician, state epidemiologist and member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Anders Tegnell, has become world famous. He has a degree in medicine has served as an AT physician while specializing on infectious diseases. He also has a masters degree in epidemiology.

Since 2014 Tegnell is working as a state epidemiologist at the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten), a Swedish government agency with a national responsibility for public health issues. The Public Health Authority is also involved in public health issues in the EU and The World Health Organization (WHO).

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Experienced and highly skilled

Anders Tegnell also has experience from working abroad, both for the World Health Organisation (in Laos) and for Linköping University (in former Zaire), where Tegnell had use for his knowledge about epidemic diseases in connection with of Ebola virus.
During the ravages of Covid 19 Tegnell has acted expert om behalf of the Public Health Authority, and according to a recent survey 71% of the Swedes feel confidence in both Anders Tegnell and the Public Health Authority.

World Health Organization

The Coronavirus disease outbreak situation according to WHO
Confirmed cases 1 May: 3 181 642
Confirmed deaths 1 May: 224 301
Countries, areas and territories with cases 1 May: 215

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