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From north to south, from east to west – no matter where you go there will be beautiful scenaries, clear lakes and lots of trees.

Sweden truly is a rich country, perhaps in more ways than you can imagine, Let’s start with a quick tour from north to south and east to west.

From north to south

The north of Sweden offers a spectacular wild life and beautiful nature: From snowy mountain tops to remote villages, beautiful hiking tracks, clear forest lakes and milespread open land.

In south Sweden the variety of nature continues, with bright yellow rape seed fields, white sand beaches and huge forests. In addition to all this there’s the beautiful bike trails, the traditional apple farms, the art exhibitions and the museums.

From east to west

The east coast of Sweden offers a stunning archipelago with hundreds of islands to visit and explore. You’ll find anything from culinary hot-spots and friendly bars to fast food restaurants, cosy coffee shops, white sand beaches, boat rentals and various outdoor activities.

The west coast of Sweden is widely known for its cosy fishing villages, beautiful islands, sea food and, of course, the city of Gothenburg.

The largest city

The capital city of Sweden is by far the largest, housing close to 1 million people. It is also home to the Swedish Royal Family, the Swedish Parliament and the Head of State, Magdalena Andersson.

Stockholm is a truly magnificent city, situated on the east coast more or less surrounded by water. This city offers all you could ever wish for in terms of sights, architecture, parks, gastronomy, shopping, sports…

View from Skansen in Stockholm
Photo: Petra Roman

The friendliest city

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, housing close to seven hundred thousand people. The city is often referred to as a “small big city”, which means it offers eveything a big city does but in a friendlier way. I guess that is why the city of Gothenburg has been appointed “The friendliest city in Europe”.

Parts of the harbour of Gothenburg
Photo: Petra Roman

Regardless of where you go you’ll be surrounded by beautiful sceneries, stunning nature and memorable sites.

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