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Ever heard of “the Swedish chef” from Sesame Street? He’s hilarious but I’m not sure he can really cook. At least not as well as the Swedish chefs that I admire and who are well known all over the world.

Famous Swedish chefs

Marcus Samuelsson – Swedish chef working in New York where he’s the head chef at “Aquavit”. He’s cooked for royalties, presidents and movie stars but most of all – he’s grounded, humid and extremely talented!

Fredrik Berselius – Swedish chef also working in New York where he runs his own restaurant “Aska” (ashes). After only one year in the big apple he earned his first Michelin star!

Björn Franzén – Swedish chef who’s been appointed “World’s best chef” at “The Best Chefs Award” in Barcelona. His restaurant, Franzén (in Stockholm), has three Michelin stars! Check out Björns’ collection for Åhléns

Food and pastry

Sweden is famous for shrimp sandwiches, smörgåsbord (smorgasbord), pickled herring, semlor and cinnamon buns.

The westcoast of Sweden is known for its seafood and fresh fish. A quite common meal to have on a Friday night, or on a date, is fresh shrimp with newly baked pain riche, boiled eggs, mayonnaise (or aioli), dill and lettuce. This is usually accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine.

The more traditional Swedish dishes, “husmanskost”, is the type of food that the farmers would eat after a hard days of work. Typical “husmanskost” would be cale pudding with minced meat, meatballs with boiled potatoes and brown sauce and smoked herring with parsley, mashed potatoes and skimmed butter.

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