Two world champions

The 2023 Biathlon World Championships was crowned with two Swedish gold medals. Both Hanna Öberg and Sebastian Samuelsson had to fight hård för it but managed to keep it together until the very end.

The Biathlon World Championship 2023 was held in Oberhof, Germany. On the final day both Swedish teams managed to secure three medals.

Hanna Öberg, Swedish gold medalist


Add these three medals to the other eight and you get a total of eleven medals. This means that the previous record of six medals (won in the same World Cup) was beaten with a bang, making this the most successful Biathlon World Championship ever.

Results from the finishing races

Men’s Mass Start, 15 km:

Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden), gold

Martin Ponsiluoma (Sweden), silver

Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) bronze

Women’s Mass Start, 12,5 km

Hanna Öberg (Sweden), gold

Ingrid Landmark (Norway) Tandrevold, silver

Julia Simon (France) bronze

Both Swedish teams also managed to win two medals in the prestigious biathlon relay.

Results from The Women’s Biathlon Relay

Team Italy – gold

Samuela Comola
Dorothea Wierer
Hannah Auchentaller
Lisa Vittozzi

Team Germany – silver

Vanessa Voigt
Hanna Kebinger
Sophia Schneider
Denise Herrmann-Wick

Team Sweden – bronze

Linn Persson
Anna Magnusson
Elvira Öberg
Hanna Öberg

Results from The Men’s Biathlon Relay

Team France

Antonin Guigonnat
Fabien Claude
Émilien Jacquelin
Quentin Fillon Maillet

Team Norway

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen
Tarjei Bø
Sturla Holm Lægreid
Johannes Thingnes Bø

Team Sweden – bronze

Peppe Femling
Martin Ponsiluoma
Jesper Nelin
Sebastian Samuelsson


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