Greta Thunberg

There is this amazing girl, 16 years old, who’s already become an icon. She’s a role model to us all and she’s rubbing shoulders with the most powerful, influential and most admired leaders and politicians in the world!

Greta in front of the New York skyline
Photo: Veckorevyn

Greta Thunberg has, at a very young age, become a spokes person for a world wide movement of environmental activists. In 2018 she was appointed “one the most influential teenagers in the world” by Time Magazine.

In 2019 Greta crossed the Atlantic and sailed to New York. She had been invited to a climat meeting at the UN headquarter and simply refused to fly. The trip was documented and can be seen on various social media channels.

Watch and listen to Greta’s climate speach before the UN Assembly

More of Greta on the Ellen Show

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