Late August to late September is the time for the traditional crayfish party. It’s when Swedes gather with friends and family to eat and drink to celebrate the first crayfish harvest.

The fact is that this is a a nordic tradition, even if the actual crayfish party is supposed to originate from Sweden. It is also a tradition that most Swedes are very proud and fond of.


All about the party

The crayfish priemer is legally limited to late August which is when the first crayfish can be harvested.

Since crayfish are quite messy to eat the table is usually set with paper or plastic plates. Common accessories are paper hats, paper table cloths and paper lanterns with crayfish and “man in the moon” printings.

It’s customary to drink “snaps” (Vodka, Akvavit etc.) with the crayfish. Beer and other cold drinks are also usually served. Usually the Swedes (myself included) sing “snapsvisor”, which are traidtional Swedish songs where the lyrics have been replaced to suit the “crayfish-theme”.

This is how you cook the crayfish

The crayfish should be boiled in richly salted water, seasoned with fresh dill (preferably harvested after the plant has flowered).

Serve the crayfish cold or semi-cold, with garlic bread, butter, aioli and Västerbotten cheese pie (a strong tasting, salty kind of cheese). Use your fingers and/or a certain crayfish-knife when you eat.

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