Swedish Midsommar

Come rain or come sun, Midsommarafton is by far one of the most celebrated dates during the year.

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In the middle of June almost all Swedes (myself included) celebrate the happening of “Sommarsolståndet”, which occurrs when night and day are the exact same length.

With a pick-nick basket in one hand and an umbrella in the other hand people practically invade public parks and green areas. Not to mention the idyllic villages along the coast.

One of many idyllic fishing villages along the West Coast

On Midsommarafton day and night are equally long, which means that it is light outside all night.

According to the tradition you are supposed to go out at midnight and pick flowers. Not just any random flower or number, but seven different wildflowers to put under your pillow. Then you will dream of your future spouse.

The Midsummer pole

The event of the day and usually performed in a ceremonial manner, with a count down and a cheer. Afterwards the dance around the pole starts, traditionally accompanied by Swedish folk music.

The food, the drinks and…

Midsommar is very much about the the food and the cake.

Pickled herring, new potatoes, sour cream and snaps is usually served at lunch. Hot dogs and meatballs for the young ones.

At night we eat barbequed meat, sausages, corn cobs, grilled marchmallows, dips, sauses, sallads, veggies… You name it!

… the cake!

For dessert: strawberry short cake or strawberries with whipped cream. Yum!

In need of inspiration for a really nice table setting for Midsommar? Check this out!

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