Halloween in Sweden

Halloween is one of those holidays that we have imported from the US, but unfortunately few people know what it is really about. So when is the right time to go trick or treating?

Halloween is supposed to be celebrated on October 31:st, but in Sweden many children go trick or treating both before and after that particular date. Which is quite unfortunate, since November 1:st is a day when we cherish and remember our loved ones who’s passed.

Only knock where the light is on

In the early eighties I lived and worked in Piedmont, California for a year. I had the pleasure to go trick or treating in a very nice neighbourhood, but we only knocked on doors where there was a light on. All other house owners were left in peace – a tradition I wish we would adopt to Sweden!

Respect the ones who mourne

If you visit a graveyard in Sweden on November 1:st you will be likely to see hundreds of candle lights blowing in the wind. It is a beautiful and profound experience, which has nothing to do with Halloween. Therefor a lot of people dread the trick or treating part. Please respect the ones who mourne.


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