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Various authorities are included when referring to The State and economy of Sweden.

Within the Swedish state there are four main divisions (the head of state, the government, the parliament and the courts) and four main constitutions (the governmental constitution, the order of succession, the freedom of speech and the regulation of press).

The Swedish Parliament, Stockholm. Photo: Michael Erhardsson

The Head of state

The Swedish government is currently led by Statsminister Stefan Löfven, leader of the Social Democrats party. He was elected Head of State (Prime Minister) in 2014, and was re-elected in 2018 (2019).

When elected, the Head of State appoints twentytwo ministers in total. These ministers will manage one specific division each, co-dependent of one another and closely attached to The Head of State.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. Photo:

The Parliament

The Swedish parliament contains of 349 elected representatives. Their main responsibility is to enact new laws and make decisions about the state maintenance.

Their daily job very much consists of considering proposals and questions from the various committees, and from the government.

The Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is currently led by Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, assistant Minister of Finance, Per Bolund and Civil Minister, Lena Micko.

These three ministers are responsible of the state budget. Their daily job very much consists of handling various taxes, consumers politics, day-to-day administration and other matters concerning the Swedish state economy.

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