Fettisdagen, also known as Fat Tuesday, originates from the Christian “feast of Lent”. The purpose is to eat plenty of fat food before Easter.

In Sweden Fettisdagen is celebrated some time between February 3:d and March 9:th, supposedly 40 days before Easter. Since Easter is eans it is celebrated some time between February 3:d – March 9:th.

Fastlagen – The Fast

Fettisdagen is the third of the three days in “Fastlagen” which contains of “Fastlags Sunday”, “Blue Monday” and “White Tuesday” (days heading up to the fast).

According to Swedish tradition the fastlags bun, or “semla”, is baked and enjoyed all over Sweden during White Tuesday. In 2023 that means February 21:st.

Semla – A fastlags bun

A semmeltårta (fastlags bun cake)

Photo: ica.se

“Semla” is a wheat bun traditionally seasoned with cardemom, filled with “mandelmassa” (almond pulp) and topped with whipped cream.


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