Volvo i latin for “I’m rolling” (in Swedish “Jag rullar”). Volvo is one of the largest and most important company and brands in Sweden, and has been for decades.


Volvo Cars and Volvo AB has been led by quite a few powerful men. One of the most influential leaders, Pehr G Gyllenhammar, held the post as CEO for Volvo AB from 1971 to 1983. Gyllenhammar also served as Head of Board for another 10 years, until 1993.

One of his first decisions as a CEO was to close down the making of the sporty P1800, in order to make more secure and family oriented cars.

Volvo employes over 105 000 people world wide, and has production in 18 different countries. The headquarter is situated on the island of Hisingen, in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.

In 1999 Volvo sold the production division to Ford Motor Company. Ford then decided to sell it to the Chinese company Geely in 2010.

When this post is written Volvo is beeing lead by Martin Lundstedt (CEO, Volvo AB), Jan Gurander (Deputy CEO, Volvo AB), Roger Alm (President, Volvo Trucks), Melker Jernberg (President, Volvo Construction Equipment) and Bruno Blin (President, Renault Trucks).

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