Reasons to visit Sweden

Sweden is, in many ways, a rich country. Not only financially, but historically, esthetically, ecologically, gastronomically and culturally. The best part? Everything is open to everyone and anyone.

The north

In the northern parts of Sweden you’ll find a wide range of activities to engage in.

During early summer the magic of the Midnight Sun is a must-see, whilst the winter is the best time to enjoy the Northern Lights – the most amazing “natural light-show” you’ll ever see.

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Swedish Lappland – home to the Sami


The middle

The central parts of Sweden offer a variety of large cities, cobble stoned villages, huge forests, historical sites and natural wildlife.

It also where the capital city of Stockholm is situated. This means you may visit sites like Skansen, Tivoli, The Old Town and The Royal Castle.

Photo: Petra Roman

The south

The southern parts is where most Swedes prefer to spend their summer holiday, preferrably in the beautiful islands of Öland and Gotland.

Far down south, in the region of Skåne, the typical yellow canola fields, the old farm buildings, the art exhibitions and the progressive cuisine are just a handful things you’ll be able to enjoy.

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The city of Malmö

The city of Gothenburg


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