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Sweden is in many ways a very rich country. Not only financially, but historically, esthetically, ecologically, gastronomically and culturally.

Reasons to visit Sweden

With a rich variety in nature, an intriguing history, plenty remote get-aways, lots of outdoor adventures, overwhelming sceneries, small fishing villages, highly developed cities, an open-to-all-archipelago and a broad variety of cultural events I dare to say there are more than enough reasons to visit Sweden.

Northern Sweden


In the northern parts there’s a wide range of activities to engage in, regardless of season. During early summer the magic of the Midnight Sun is a must. In the winter there’s time for the greatest light show on earth, also known as the Northern Lights.

In order to experience these spectacular phenomenons you’ll have to visit the northern parts of the country, in particular Swedish Lapland – home to the Sami.

Middle Sweden

Photo: Petra Roman

The central parts of Sweden offer a variety of large cities, cobble stoned villages, huge forests, historical sites and natural wildlife. It also home of the capital city of Stockholm, home to e.g. Skansen, Tivoli, Gamla Stan, the Parliament and The Royal Castle.

Stockholm is a beautiful, adventurous and exciting city to visit. The huge archipelago is just around the corner, as well as the canals, the shopping, the museums, the green areas, the restaurants, the food halls – you name it!

For more traditional Swedish sites and traditions you should visit Dalarna, especially if you’re here in time for Midsommar. If you wish to encounter Swedish wildlife your next visit should be Värmland.

Southern Sweden


This is where the Swedes prefer to spend their summer holiday and also where you’ll find the beautiful islands of Öland and Gotland. If you like unique flora and fauna, historical sites and locally produced specialities this is the place to visit.

Further down south, in the region of Skåne, the typical yellow canola fields, the old farm buildings, the art exhibitions and the progressive cuisine are some of the things you’ll be able to enjoy.

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You should also pay a visit to the West Coast in general, and the city of Gothenburg in particular. You’ll find a beautiful archipelago, award winning restaurants, outdoor adventures, friendly people and affordable shopping. Among other things.

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