The three largest cities

The three largest cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In that order. The main part of Stockholm is situated in the region of Uppland, and a smaller part belongs to the region of Södermanland. Stockholm is also the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm is known for many things, not the least the The Royal Castle. In the beautiful park Skansen (far left picture) you can visit an outdoor zoo, have Swedish fika, attend sing-along-nights and much more.

If you are interested in tradition and cultural events you would like Blå Hallen (middle picture) which is where the Noble banquet is being held each year. Of course the Swedish queen and king are the guests of honor (far right picture).

Gothenburg is often referred to (even awarded) as the friendliest city in Sweden. It is wideley known for the amusement park Liseberg, but also for its seaside location with and its nice harbour (far left picture), blue trams, Gothenburg Horse Show (far right), car free shopping streets and cosy cafes.

Then there’s Malmö, which is literally next to, and sometimes, on he water. Right next to Öresundsbron which will take you to Denmark in almost no time. Therefor many tourists ususally combine a visit to Malmö with a visit to Copenhagen.

Malmö is a really cosy town – rich in gastronomical and cultural variety and known for its many green areas and long sand beaches. Don’t just go there to get to Denmark – stay and explore!

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