Facts about Sweden

Governance: Constitutional monarchy

Official language: Swedish

Oficial minority languages: Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani and Sami.

National Day: June 6

National anthem: “Du gamla, du fria”

Currency: Swedish kronor (SEK)

Population: Approximately 10,35 million (2020)

Capital city: Stockholm

Largest city: Stockholm (approx. 1,6 million)

Highest mountain: Kebnekaise (2,106 meters)

Largest lake: Vänern (5,648 km2)

Members of the European Union: Yes (1995)

The colors of the Swedish flag

10 largest cities

1. Stockholm

2. Gothenburg

3. Malmö

4. Linköping

5. Uppsala

6. Örebro

7. Västerås

8. Helsingborg

9. Norrköping

10. Jönköping


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