Swedes living abroad

Are you a Swede living or studying abroad? Are you travelling the world?

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Either you’re about to move, travel, study or just visit for a while, you might feel the need to get in touch with other Swedes. There are both groups to join and lots of website with helpful information.

Online groups and websites

There are many different groups online, especially on Facebook. You’ll find some of them here: Swedes abroad

Utrikesdepartementet, UD (Department of Foreign Affairs) can help both private persons and companies in various situations.

On the website for the organisation Svenskar i världen (Swedes in the world) there’s a lot of interesting information and helpful links.

One of the largest organisations for Swedes living in America is SWEA. Here is a link to the latest issue of Swea News. Här hittar du SWEA i Sociala Medier.


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