During 2018 about 51 000 people got married, a number that has been consistent for the past couple of years. 2001 the number of marriages hit a low point with just 39 000 weddings. In 2010 there was a peak and about 57 000 people got married.

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During 2018 about 25 000 people got divorced, a number that almost doubled compared to year before. The number of divorce has varied during 2000, but statistics show the number is rising consistantly.

In 2005 the number of divorce was lower than in many years with “only” 21 000 divorces. In 2013 there was a peak when around 27 000 couples went their separate ways.

The average number of years couples stay married is 11,3 years.


There are around 10 million inhabitants and close to 5 million  households in Sweden. Close to 1,8 million of these households consists of one person or a single parent with one or two children. The rest of the population share a household with a partner, a family or one or more friends.

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Relocations within Sweden

During 2018 people moved close to 1,5 million times within the country. Often people don’t move very far, and two out of three relocations are made within the same area.

The past couple of years moving has become even more common, probably due to the increased number in population and divorces.

Relocations to other countries

During the last decade the number of relocations outside of Sweden has varied. In 2018 about 47 000 people left Sweden to settle down somewhere else. The most common countries  for Swedes to move to are Denmark, Norway and Great Britain.

Common baby names

In 2017 Alice and William were the two most common baby names. The number of babies named Maryam and Matteo was higher than ever the same year.

Alice was the number one name for girls in 2016 too. For boys it was Oscar. These two names have been on the top of the list five times each since 1998.

The statistics are from the Swedish institute of statistics, SCB


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