The Gothenburg trams

The city of Gothenburg is well known for its blue trams. They’ve been a part of the city since 1902, and each year over 147 million people travel with these trams.

In 1879 horses played a big part in peoples life, especially since horse and carriage was the only form of transportation. In 1902 the horsepower was replaced by electrical power and the first tram were packed with curious people.

Photo: Wikipedia

140 years later the old trams have been replaced by newer, more modern trams constructed in Germany. The tradition of giving the trams names of well known profiles from Gothenburg continues. Some of the latest ones are radio- and tv-show host Anna Mannheimer, actress and operasinger Marianne Mörck, singer Miriam Bryant, tv-show host and singer Lasse Kronér and singer/songwriter Håkan Hellström.

There are currently 12 lines that departs every 10 minutes during rush hours. In total it’s close to 2 500 routes each day!

There is one very special tram, Lisebergslinjen (see photo), wich is a “moveble museum” in that sense that it’s looks like the first trams in Gothenburg. You can catch the tram at the Central station and at the amusement park Liseberg.

Photo: Wikipedia

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