“Sill och nubbe”

In Sweden there is an old tradition of having “sill and nubbe” at Christmas, as well as at Easter time and Midsummer. We actually eat and drink very similar during these three holidays.

“Sill” and “nubbe” is pickled herring and snaps, or a shot (e. g vodka). Usually the “nubbe”, or snaps, is spiced with cumin, citrus or some other quite peppery spices. It can also be completely clear like “Absolut Vodka”, a very strong Swedish alcoholic beverage (40%).


Sill and nubbe. Photo: pinterest.com

The pickled herring, or “sill”, is usually spiced with e.g mustard, curry, citrus or peppers and is served with boiled potatoes, sour cream, chives and a “nubbe”. At Christmas the “sill and nubbe” is usually accompanied by home made meatballs, sausages, Christmas ham, patés, cale salads and much more.

Since the traditional Swedish Christmas dishes are quite salty we often round it off with a sweet dessert called “ris a la Malta”. It is kind of like rise pudding, only we serve it with jam or sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. On top of that there is all the candy and chocolate…

Merry Christmas, or as we say in Swedish – God Jul! ☃️🎄☃️


Traditional Swedish food and X-mas decor

Photos: pinterest.com, ica.se


By Petra Roman. 

Freelance writer, PR Text&Bild



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