2023 Eurovision Song Contest

On May 14 2023, Swedish singer Loreen made the history books by becoming the first woman ever to win Eurovision Song Contest twice. This means that Sweden is now tied with Ireland, and singer Johnny Logan, for the most wins.

Liverpool Arena, UK

May 13 2023, the final round of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest was carried out at Liverpool Arena, UK. Swedish singer and performer Loreen won both the jury’s and the people’s votes, which led to 593 score points for Sweden.

When all the the jurys had given their score points Loreen and her song “Tattoo” had a total of 340 points. At that time Israel held second place with 177 points, while Italy held third place with 176 points. However, after this voting procedure it´s far from over seeing that anything can happen during the announcements of the public votes.

Photo: Aaron Chown/PA Images/Getty Images

This year however, both the jury’s and the public’s votes were enough to earn Loreen and her song “Tattoo” the win. Finland managed to score 562 points in total and came in second (*see the complete list last).

As the winner gets to pick the host city for next years Eurovision, it is most likely that Stockholm will be hosting this popular music event in 2024.

About Loreen

Swedish singer/songwriter Loreen, or Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui, was born on October 16, 1983. In 2004 Loreen participated in the Swedish version of “Idol” where she ended up with a forth place. Her big breakthrough came in 2012 when competing in “Melodifestivalen” with the song Euphoria – the song she won Eurovision Song Contest with in Baku, Azerbajdzjan, that same year.

Loreen performing Euphoria. Photo: imdb.com

Loreen has competed yet another three times in “Melodifestivalen”, which is the largest music contest in Sweden. In 2011 she performed with a song called My Heart is Refusing Me, in 2017 it was Statements and now, in 2023, the song Tattoo scored enough votes to win both Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest.

Since the first Eurovision win in 2012, Loreen has released the album Heal. She has also performed on various occasions both in Sweden and across the world, enchanting audiences with her unique artistic expression and voice.

Final results

Place, country and total score points

  1. Sweden, 583
  2. Finland, 526
  3. Israel, 362
  4. Italy, 350
  5. Norway, 268
  6. Ukraine, 243
  7. Belgium, 182
  8. Estonia, 168
  9. Australia, 151
  10. Check Republic, 129
  11. Lithuania, 127
  12. Cyprus, 126
  13. Croatia, 123
  14. Armenia, 122
  15. Austria, 120
  16. France, 104
  17. Spain, 100
  18. Moldavia, 96
  19. Poland, 93
  20. Switzerland 92
  21. Slovenia, 78
  22. Albania, 76
  23. Portugal, 59
  24. Serbia, 30
  25. Great Britain, 24
  26. Germany, 18

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