IKEA is a Swedish multinational company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accessories and other useful goods. The company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who at the time was only 17 years old. The company name, IKEA, is an acronym of Kamprad’s initial (I K) with those of Elmtaryd (theContinue reading “Ikea”

“Typical Swedish”

This post contains commercial links Is there really a thing like a “typical Swedish” dish, desert, tradition, expression and cultural event? As in several countries around the globe there are certain things that are considered to be “typical Swedish”. Some are, and some aren’t. Some are simply inherited (imported if you wish) from other cultures,Continue reading ““Typical Swedish””

Chefs, food and pastry

Ever heard of “the Swedish chef” from Sesame Street? He’s hilarious but I’m not sure he can really cook. At least not as well as the Swedish chefs that I admire and who are well known all over the world. Famous Swedish chefs Marcus Samuelsson – Swedish chef working in New York where he’s theContinue reading “Chefs, food and pastry”