Nobel prizes 2020

Since 1901 the presentation of the Nobel prizes has taken place on December 10. A special date since it is the anniversary of Nobel’s death.

The Swedish king, King Carl XVI Gustaf, presents the laureates with their medals and diplomas. Each laureate is expected to deliver a brief lecture, or speach.

Three of the recipients

Peace: World Food Programme

Rewarded for fighting hunger and for its recentless efforts to prevent conflicted areas to use hunger as an excuse to fight.

Literature: Louise Glück

Rewarded for her poetic voice and for making individual existence appear universal.

Medicine: Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice and Michael Houghton.

For discovering the Hepatitis C virus.

This year the Nobel Prize Banquet is cancelled due to Covid-19. It’s usually held in “Blå Hallen” at Stockholm City Hall.

Blå Hallen. Photo:

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