Swedish crayfish party

It’s time for the Swedish tradition crayfish party, or “kräftskiva” as we say in Swedish. During the month of August and some time in September the Swedes gather with friends and family to eat and drink celebrating the first crayfish harvests.

In fact this is a nordic tradition, but it has its origin in Sweden and the swedes are very proud and fond of their “kräftskiva”.

The crayfish priemer is legally limited to late summer (August) when the first crayfish are usually harvested. Common party accessories are paper hats, paper tablecloths and paper lanterns with crayfish- and “man in the moon”-printing on it. Since crayfish are quite messy to eat we usually set the table with paper or plastic plates as well (see photos).

It’s customary to drink “snaps” (e.g Vodka or Akvavit) with the crayfish, but also beer and other cold drinks are usually served. It’s also common to sing traditional drinking songs (traditional Swedish songs where the lyrics have been replaced to suit the “crayfish-theme”).

How too cook the crayfish? You boil them in richly salt water and season them with fresh (crown) dill, which are harvested after the plant has flowered. The crayfish are usually served cold and you eat them using your fingers and a certain crayfish-knife. Often you eat the crayfish with bread, garlic butter, different kinds of dip sauces (e.g. aioli) and Västerbotten-pie (a strong tasting and salty cheese).

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