Fettisdagen, or White Tuesday, is a Christian tradition celebrated 47 days before Easter. That means it can be celebrated between February 3:d and March 9:th.

Fastlagen – The Fast

Fettisdagen is the third of the three days in “Fastlagen” – the days heading up to the fast: “Fastlag Sunday”, “Blue Monday” and “White Tuesday”.

According to Swedish tradition the fastlags bun, in Swedish “semla”, is baked, sold and enjoyed all over Sweden during White Tuesday. This year (2020) it means February 26:th.

The semla

The “semla” is a traditional wheat bun seasoned with cardemom, filled with mandelmassa and topped with whipped cream.

The reason why the semla is quite heavy is the period of fast that follows – you’re supposed to “fatten up” in order to go through it successfully.

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